About Us

Our goal is to make sure each and every customer who comes to us had a good experience. We want to answer your questions and provide products that truly suit your business.  We will never give up on making sure you get the products you want and need at a fair price.

Product Development and Pricing Practices

Our business best practices are quite simple. We know that your success translates to our success. To be successful, we are constantly focusing on new ways to develop, produce, and maintain high quality and innovative products unique to the industry. However, we never take our eyes off fulfillment and pricing practices that support wholesalers and distributors alike.  We treat and value each and every one of our customers, regardless of size, with respect. This includes equally available pricing and product fulfillment priority for every customer. Success happens when we work together. Lets do business.



Green Shores Nutra started in 2016 based on our knowledge and relationships in the CBD and flavor house industry. We saw the opportunity to create a series of effective, yet flavorful, CBD drink products.

Soon after, we began to develop Kratom products that are not only groundbreaking, but offer a unique approach to emerging consumer demands. We also branched out to created new brands that target specific vertical markets.

Since 2020, our sales and marketing is focused on the reseller profits and providing top of the line private label products at fair prices and reasonable quantities. We have tooled our operation to allow for a cost effective and streamlined process for low quantity white label and private label opportunities. From displays, to labels and marketing materials, we have ways to allow resellers to create, develop and sell their own brand utilizing Green Shores Nutra products. Our solution eliminates the worry of product competition as well as the fear of having to purchase mass amounts of inventory when launching your products. Some call it a lopsided win for the reseller. We call it good business. That is what we are all about.